Bulbasaur #001
Grass Poison
Species Type Seed Pokemon
Gender ratio Male: 87.5%
Female: 12.5%
Height Weight
2' 04'' / 0.7 m 15.2 lbs / 6.9 kg
Base Stats Type Effectiveness
HP Atk Def Sp Atk Sp Def Spd Normal (x1) Grass: (x0.25) Fire: (x2) Water: (x0.5) Electric: (x0.5) Ice: (x2)
45 49 49 65 65 45 Fighting: (x0.5) Flying: (x2) Bug: (x1) Rock: (x1) Ground: (x1) Steel: (x0.5)
Poison: (x1) Psychic: (x2) Ghost: (x1) Dark: (x1) Dragon: (x1) Fairy: (x0.5)
Abilities Hidden Ability Shiny Bulbasaur
Overgrow Chlorophyll
001 Level 16 002 Level 32 003
Bulbasaur Ivysaur Venusaur



Bulbasaur is a cross between a plant and a reptile. As such, it performs photosynthesis as a source of most of its nourishment. Many can be seen napping out in bright sunlight.

Bulbasaur can store its energy in tiny seeds stored in the bulb on its back, which allows it to go for many days without eating anything. The bulb grows as Bulbasaur ages, eventually up to the point where it cannot stand on its hind legs any longer.


Its main form of offense is from vines that appear from its back. This vines may be used to tie down or whip opponents. Eventually, Bulbasaur can release special seeds that have been stored in its bulb to perform moves such as Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, and Stun Spore. However, due to the fact that Bulbasaur is small and growing, its power is yet to reach its full potential.

Bulbasaur is often associated with the move Solar Beam.


By Leveling Up
Level Name Type Power Accuracy Category PP Priority
- Tackle Normal 50 95% Physical 35 0
No additional effect
4 Growl Normal - 100% Status 40 0
Lowers the opponent's Attack stat by 1.
7 Leech Seed Grass - 90% Status 10 0
Absorbs 1/16th of the opponent's HP every turn. Doesn't effect other grass-types.
9 Vine Whip Grass 45 100% Physical 25 0
No additional effect.
13 Poison Powder Poison - 75% Status 35 0
Poisons the target. Doesn't effect other grass-types.
13 Sleep Powder Grass - 75% Status 15 0
Puts the target to sleep. Doesn't effect other grass-types.
15 Take Down Normal 90 85% Physical 20 0
The user takes 25% of the damage dealt to the opponent.


Bulbasaur has usually been seen as a Bulky Special late-game sweeper in older generations, but was often outclassed by many Grass- and Poison-types who were much bulkier and/or harder-hitting, such as Tentacool or Oddish.

Upon entering the fourth generation, Bulbasaur gained Leaf Storm, which increased its usability and importance of speed, and in the sixth generation, Hidden Abilities could be passed down via breeding, giving Bulbasaur access to Chlorophyll.

Generation I 001RB
Title Nature Ability Item EV Spread Moves
Bulky Sweeper (Not Fully Evolved) N/A N/A N/A 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA Razor Leaf / Mega Drain Reflect Growth Sleep Powder
In Generation I, there is no Little Cup, which means Bulbasaur is automatically outclassed by Ivysaur. However, Bulbasaur is still relatively usable, with enough bulk and a decent enough movepool to work with. Razor Leaf is your attacking move, with about a 2 out of 3 chance to have the base power of 110, given its speed. Reflect and Growth are mostly there to increase your defenses, but not really for your Razor Leaf, since critical hits ignore stat boosts in this Generation 1. Finally, Sleep Powder is a solid stalling move to allow yourself to set up, although you can be outrun by pretty much anything that can use that move as well.
Countering Bulbasaur
Generation II 001C
Title Nature Ability Item EV Spread Moves
Bulky Special Support (Not Fully Evolved) N/A N/A Leftovers 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA Giga Drain Hidden Power Fire / Hidden Power Ice Mud-Slap Sleep Powder
Surprisingly, Bulbasaur is even more limited in this generation than in any other generation. Offensively, Bulbasaur has two usable moves. Defensively, Bulbasaur has pretty much no moves, save for probably Synthesis. Its only solid supportive move is Sleep Powder, which is always annoying. That's about it, considering that he is pretty much outclassed by its evolution as well as, you know, good grass-types.

In this moveset, Giga Drain is a decent STAB move (and the only usable STAB move) that heals up the user. Whoop-dee-doo. Hidden Power Fire takes out Grass- and Steel-types super-effectively. which naturally resist Grass-type moves, while Hidden Power Ice hits Grass- and Dragon-types. Mud-Slap is the last move, which can potentially force a switch, but honestly, this thing is pretty bad in Generation II.

Countering Bulbasaur

Generation III 001E
Title Nature Ability Item EV Spread Moves
Bulky Special Sweeper (Not Fully Evolved) Bold (+Def, -Atk) or Modest (+SpA, -Atk) Overgrow Leftovers 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA Giga Drain Hidden Power Fire / Hidden Power Ice Mud-Slap Sleep Powder
Generally the same thing as Generation II, except you have a nature that can increase your stats. The problem? Everyone else gets it too, so Bulbasaur is now even more mediocre than before.
Bulky Physical Sweeper (Not Fully Evolved) Impish (+Def, -SpA) or Adamant (+Atk, -SpA) Overgrow Leftovers 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def Double-Edge / Return / Body Slam Sludge Bomb Swords Dance Sleep Powder
Now, we have a physical variation. Just a thought. Bellsprout does this better. Just... don't use this.
Countering Bulbasaur

Generation IV 001P
Title Nature Ability Item EV Spread Moves
Late Game Special Sweeper (Little Cup) Modest (+SpA, -Atk) or Timid (+Spe, -Atk) Overgrow Choice Scarf 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Leaf Storm Sludge Bomb Hidden Power Fire / Hidden Power Ground Sleep Powder
Here is where Bulbasaur gets pretty usable again. Not spectacular, but far from horrible. This is from two things: the Gen IV Physical/Special split, which allows Poison-type STAB, and an increased movepool, which is a breath of fresh air from that weak Giga Drain. As the title suggests, Bulbasaur can sweep when the opponent is pretty badly crippled from your other Pokemon.

Leaf Storm destroys a lot of things, at the base power of 210 taking STAB into account, although the nasty Special Attack drop is pretty crippling, although it can be fixed with a switch. Sludge Bomb is slightly weaker, but doesn't result in the drop. Hidden Power Fire, as usual, hits Grass- and Steel-types, while Hidden Power Ground hits Fire- and Steel-types.

Sleep Powder is now a Bulbasaur staple, although it causes Bulbasaur to switch right after due to the Choice Scarf lock.

Countering Bulbasaur

Generation V 001
Title Nature Ability Item EV Spread Moves
Choice Scarf Sweeper (Little Cup) Modest (+SpA, -Atk) or Timid (+Spe, -Atk) OverGrow Choice Scarf 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Leaf Storm Sludge Bomb Hidden Power Fire / Hidden Power Ground Sleep Powder
Generally the same thing as Generation IV. Leaf Storm destroys everything, Hidden Power Fire or Ground destroys everything Leaf Storm can't, Sludge Bomb provides neutral STAB, and Sleep Powder is, well... Sleep Powder.
Countering Bulbasaur

Generation VI 001XY
Title Nature Ability Item EV Spread Moves
Sunny Day Sweeper (Little Cup) Modest (+SpA, -Atk) or Timid (+Spd, -Atk) Chlorophyll Heat Rock / Life Orb 252 SpA / 252 Spd / 4 HP Giga Drain / Solar Beam Hidden Power Fire / Hidden Power Ground Sludge Bomb / Growth / Sleep Powder Sunny Day
This is where Bulbasaur gets real. Here, we have a set that revolves around sun, similar to that of Venusaur. Use Sunny Day and sweep. Chlorophyll gives it a huge speed boost as long as the sun is out. Solar Beam is certainly a hard hitting move, and is instantly charged in the sun. However, Giga Drain provides a form of recovery at the cost of power. Hidden Power Fire is not only a solid Fire-type move used to deal with Steel- and Grass-types, but has a boosted base power from the sun, from 60 to 90.

Now you have three options. You can either have Sludge Bomb to hit a lot of things for neutral damage, you can have Growth which boosts your Attack and Special Attack by two stages in the sun, or you can have the natural Sleep Powder to be annoying. The choice is yours.

You can go with the Heat Rock as an item to let the sun last a bit longer, or you can have the Life Orb to make your attacks hit slightly harder.

Countering Bulbasaur