Vermillion Gym: You have waken up in a strange room, which so happens to be owned by Lt. Surge. There's nothing to worry about, since Lt. Surge is a good guy, right? But what's this? He's attacking you with his Pokemon? Why is Raikou at his side? Before you can ask anymore questions, looks like you'll have to take care of the problem at hand.

Your TeamEdit

Note that you may use any Pokemon listed below, depending on who you have caught and raised.

003MS Venusaur or 006MS Charizard or 009MS Blastoise
Solarbeam Bulldoze Flamethrower Bulldoze Bubblebeam Bulldoze
Roar Rest Roar Rest Roar Rest
028MS Sandslash
Bulldoze Swords Dance
Focus Punch Stone Edge
076MS Golem
Bulldoze Stone Edge
Magnitude Roar
034MS Nidoking
Bulldoze Blizzard
Helping Hand Roar
031MS Nidoqueen
Bulldoze Blizzard
Helping Hand Roar
Psychic Charge Beam
Kinesis Thunder Wave


Use Bulldoze. Bulldoze your way through everything. Sandslash and Golem receive STAB from this, so be sure to use both or two of them. When a Pidgey shows up, just take care of it with a super-effective move like Stone Edge or any move with STAB. The best thing about Bulldoze is that it decreases the opponent's speed, allowing multiple hits to be landed.

Your Nidoking and/or Nidoqueen can use Helping Hand to increase the power of your allies' moves. If you don't have them, you may use Alakazam to use Charge Beam to increase its Special Attack before unleashing a deadly Psychic attack. Just to be sure, Alakazam may also use Kinesis to make the opponent drop the candy that it is holding.

Although the starter that you selected can freely dish out Bulldozes, they can also use a wide array of moves to deal either neutral or super-effective moves. Be sure to have them posted near the candies, as they should use Roar in the case that the opponent gets to close.

Possibly the most difficult waves are waves 30-39, where extemely fast and defensive Tentacruel appear. These Tentacruel use Reflect, doubling its low Defense. Given its already high Special Defense, not a lot of moves can damage it. This is where Bulldoze shines brightest. Multiple Bulldozes work very well in this case, as they have a large radius to hit multiple targets. If you managed to catch an Alakazam, you can make it use Thunder Wave to slow the Tentacruel down even further.