Breeding in PTD 2 is probably the most challenging thing for most of us, especially with people like me who heavily relies on Incenses, yet it is the easiest way to become rich. I currently breed with 5 accounts, and I find myself using WAY too much time trying to equip incenses and trade them to different accounts to breed. Also, the breeding rate is low - Although I get the shadow/shiny that I was aiming for 2 times out of 3 cycles, it's time-consuming-ness really annoys me and sometimes I'm so lazy that I just breed without incenses. I think Sam should implement a way for us to equip items in the pokecenter, especially with all the lag, it has become an inveitable fact that breeding may slowly be taken over by other functions of the game.

But, some tips for breeding.

1) Dittos - Shadow dittos are pretty common, so transfer all of yours to ptd2 to increase shadow chances! Shiny ditto is even MORE common, so transfer them to breed rares like shiny riolus, goletts, vanillites or even just shiny starters, which you can easily trade for rare shadows, snd coins or even just shadow dittos to increase your breeding chances.

2) Incenses - Incenses are hard to buy with daily coins, so I suggest you save up your daily coins and get a shiny starter, then sell it for 2-3 snd coins. You can keep your snd coins, but I cash them out by buying incenses. If u desperately need incenses, sell it for 2 snd coins, if you already have a haul, sell it for 3. It takes time but it usually gets adopted. Here's the calculation:

Shiny starter=500 daily coins=25 incenses

2 snd coins = 40 incenses

3) Breeding with multiple accounts - Although it takes time, the payback is great - I usually get 3 shadows a week with 5 accounts. This also allows me to save up for a shiny starter on one account, then cash the 4 accounts on incenses. (After a hard start, it gets easier, nowadays i have enough incenses to save up for shiny starters on 4 of my 5 accounts)

One more thing: Don't breed to get what you want, breed to get what others want. For example, you really want a shiny bagon, don't breed for a shiny bagon. Instead, try out for shadow bagon (same chances) and trade THAT for 6 shiny bagons or something like that.

Looking forward to Sam's implementation of Luck and Full Incense for us to breed for Munchlax and Happiny (Snorlax and Chansey transfer update!)