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    Pokemon Template

    April 20, 2014 by Flippmeister

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    After the success of my most recent run of Pokemon Pearl, I decided to do another Nuzlocke run, because we all need a little bit of depression in our lives, right? If you want to see the events, deaths, and results of my Pokemon Pearl Nuzlocke run, click here.

    1. If a Pokemon faints, they must be released or boxed until the run is over. No exceptions.
    2. The first Pokemon encountered in a route will be the only Pokemon that may be caught in that route.
      1. If that Pokemon flees or faints, you cannot catch anymore Pokemon in this route.
      2. Multiple floors in certain caves can count as different areas, as they contain different Pokemon of different levels.
    3. Dupes clause. I may not catch two of the same Pokemon, regardless of anything.
      1. I may catch Pokemon of the…

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  • Flippmeister

    A few weeks ago, after watching the Pokemon: The Origin, I really started to notice some really terrible things that really bothered me, mostly the battling. Just then, when I went back to the Pokemon Special Manga (commonly called Pokemon Adventures) I noticed the same issues. If that wasn't enough, I looked at a reletively old episode of the Pokemon anime and, sure enough, had the same problem.

    Let's look at a more recent example in Pokemon: The Origin special. In the battle of Red and Giovanni, there comes a point when they use a Rhyhorn and a Jolteon, respectively. Jolteon is easily knocked out, considering that Rhyhorn is a Rock/Ground type after all. However, there are two things wrong with this scene:

    Rhyhorn uses Thunderbolt. Okay, t…

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