A few weeks ago, after watching the Pokemon: The Origin, I really started to notice some really terrible things that really bothered me, mostly the battling. Just then, when I went back to the Pokemon Special Manga (commonly called Pokemon Adventures) I noticed the same issues. If that wasn't enough, I looked at a reletively old episode of the Pokemon anime and, sure enough, had the same problem.

Let's look at a more recent example in Pokemon: The Origin special. In the battle of Red and Giovanni, there comes a point when they use a Rhyhorn and a Jolteon, respectively. Jolteon is easily knocked out, considering that Rhyhorn is a Rock/Ground type after all. However, there are two things wrong with this scene:

Rhyhorn has an impressive Special stat

Rhyhorn uses Thunderbolt. Okay, that's all right. He can learn that via TM. It uses it on a Jolteon. ...Okay... that's... strange. It won't do much damage -- wait, a one-hit KO? How did that happen? Let's take a glance at their Generation 1 stats.

Here are Jolteon's Generation I stats:

HP Attack Defense Special Speed
65 65 60 110 130

And here are Rhyhorn's:

HP Attack Defense Special Speed
80 85 95 30 25

In Generation 1, the Special stat acted as both Special Attack and Special Defense. Now, since Jolteon's Special stat was 110, it can take quite a beating from Special moves, with Thunderbolt being one of them. Since Electric obviously resists Electric, combined with Rhyhorn's hideously low Special stat of 30, the damage isn't that amazing; non-existant at worst. So how can something like this possibly accomplish that scene above?

Before you say "Oh, this anime can play by its own rules," allow me to tell you two things why that's a stupid mentallity. First off, Pokemon Origins was meant to be as accurate to the game as possible, meaning that something like this shouldn't even exist. Secondly, if Rhyhorn can learn Thunderbolt via TM, why doesn't it learn Earthquake or Dig? If the Pokemon can learn moves through special means, why not make the result of the move look believable?

I think I've said enough about that. There are WAY more inaccuracies everywhere in mangas, the anime,  If you see any more inaccuracies, I'll list them below. You don't have to limit yourself to this specific anime (but if you did, then that would be fine), so I challenge you to delve deep into other non-canon Pokemon specials, such as the Pokemon Adventures manga (I've seen quite a few) or the Pokemon Anime (I've seen even more).

Here's the list of inaccuracies:

Pokemon: the Anime/Cartoon

Pokemon Adventures

Pokemon Adventures Volume 36, Chapter 428

Factory Head Thorton vs. Platina Berlitz's Kadabra

Glass that sucks life out of you doesn't make it any less fragile.
An Ursaring that uses Mega Punch on a Kadabra spells instant death for the latter.
Kadabra's Attack: 35, Defense: 30

Ursaring's Attack: 130, Defense: 75

Base Power of Mega Punch for Ursaring: 85 + STAB = 127.5

Pokemon: the Origin

Pokemon: the Origin - File 3: Giovanni

Flashback of Red's Haunter vs. Sabrina's Alakazam

Time Paradox
Haunter uses Shadow Punch: a move that wasn't introduced until Generation III. Pokemon: the Origin was based off of Generation I.

This is obviously not Generation III based on the following facts:

1. The Jolteon didn't have Volt Absorb to absorb the Thunderbolt from the Rhyhorn, as shown above.

2. Brock hands out the TM Bide, which is only available as a TM in Generation I.