After the success of my most recent run of Pokemon Pearl, I decided to do another Nuzlocke run, because we all need a little bit of depression in our lives, right? If you want to see the events, deaths, and results of my Pokemon Pearl Nuzlocke run, click here.

Da Rulez

  1. If a Pokemon faints, they must be released or boxed until the run is over. No exceptions.
  2. The first Pokemon encountered in a route will be the only Pokemon that may be caught in that route.
    1. If that Pokemon flees or faints, you cannot catch anymore Pokemon in this route.
    2. Multiple floors in certain caves can count as different areas, as they contain different Pokemon of different levels.
  3. Dupes clause. I may not catch two of the same Pokemon, regardless of anything.
    1. I may catch Pokemon of the same evolutionary family. For example, I may catch both a Budew and a Roselia. However, if I evolve that Budew into a Roselia before catching the wild Roselia, then I cannot catch it.
    2. If I encounter a Shiny Pokemon, even if I already have it or if I've caught it, I can still catch it. However, it is considered non-existant and is permanently placed in the box.
  4. This is a no-starter run. As a result, when I catch my first Pokemon, that Pokemon will be levelled up to level 5, then released, traded, or boxed. 
  5. Item clause. I may not use items in battle. I can, however, use them outside of battle.
  6. Trading clause. I may not trade my Pokemon for other Pokemon from another game. If I do so, I may not use that specific Pokemon
    1. However, if a Pokemon needs to evolve via trading (ex. Machamp, Alakazam), then trading and trading back is allowed, but only after a major event, such as Gym Leader battles, and not back to back.
    2. I may trade the Pokemon to the other game as long as it:
      • Returns.
      • Is not replaced by the traded Pokemon.
      • Has the same level as it was when traded.
  7. The battling mode must be "Set", preventing free switches.
  8. Level Caps. My Pokemon must always be one level under the Gym Leader or important character when battling them. These caps are:
    • Rustboro Gym: Level 14
    • Dewford Gym: Level 17
    • Mauville Gym: Level 22
    • Lavaridge Gym: Level 28
    • Petalburg Gym: Level 30
    • Fortree Gym: Level 32
    • Mossdeep Gym: Level 41
    • Sootopolis Gym: Level 45
  9. I must nickname all my Pokemon, whether usable or not, just for the sake of bonding.

Let's get this thing started.

My Team

  • Binjy the Ninjask: Lv 25 
  • Nature: Hasty
    • Fury Swipes
    • Fury Cutter
    • Double Team
    • Scratch
  • Caufuny the Loudred: Lv 23 
  • Nature: Bold
    • Rock Smash
    • Uproar
    • Astonish
    • Howl
  • Penelope the Gyarados: Lv 25 
  • Nature: Rash
    • Splash
    • Tackle
    • Bite
    • Dragon Rage
  • Illumise: Lv 19
    • Charm
    • Tackle
    • Moonlight
    • Sweet Scent
  • Numel: Lv 19
    • ​Ember
    • Tackle
    • Growl
    • ---
  • Strang the Tentacool: Lv 7
    • ​Poison Sting
    • Constrict
    • Wrap
    • ---

Log Book

Events Details Casualties
vs. Rival May #1 Nothing of interest None
Route 102 Disaster (already) Critical Peck attack from a Tailow Fidus the Poochyena
Route 102 Disaster (again) Critical Tackle attack from Shroomish as well as Poison damage from Effect Spore Poland the Wurmple
vs. Rustboro Gym Leader Roxanne Completed. Mass casualties. A combination of Block and Rock Tomb from Roxanne's Nosepass caused the death of three Pokemon. EVERY SINGLE ROCK TOMB WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE LAST WAS A CRITICAL HIT.

Beamur the Zigzagoon

Dale the Marill

Boogle the Slakoth

vs. Rival May #2 Skipped. I only had two Pokemon. None
vs. Dewford Gym Leader Brawly Completed. Sheenee the Sableye did all the work. None
vs. Rival May #3 Critical Pursuit attack from May's Grovyle. Sheenee the Sableye
vs. Mauville Gym Leader Wattson Completed. Mass casualties. Shinji hurt itself in confusion, resulting in death. Blarb was able to repeatedly switch in and use Yawn against Magneton and Manectric, but eventually, she died from repeated Shock Waves. Diffiny was able to use Mud-Slap to weaken Magneton, but eventually fell to Shock Wave.

Shinji the Shedinja

Blarb the Gulpin

Diffiny the Aron